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Catching Some UV Rays (in December)

Posted: December 27, 2017 at 6:31 pm

Pantone 1

Every year, Pantone announces its Color of the Year. In the past, we’ve seen shades of emerald, maroon and turquoise. For 2018, the famous proprietors of color are celebrating Ultra Violet, Pantone #18-3838. This hue is a statement-making color, both in wardrobes and around the home (and really, anywhere else you can think of). It’s bright, bold and a bit enigmatic, and while we think a few pops of it could go a long way in our homes, we aren’t ready to commit to it as a theme quite yet. That being said, shades of purple have dominated rooms before, so today we decided to browse the internet and find a few of our favorite applications of this brilliant shade.



We love the modern chandelier shade in this breakfast nook dining set-up. Most of all though, we love how it is mirrored in the seat upholstery and of course, in the spring tulips simply arranged in the center of the small, round table.

How arresting are these orchid-hued walls and ultra-contemporary sofa couches? This room would make us feel as though we were walking into a different, futuristic era, to say nothing of the modern, mirrored graphic art and cool open frames on the opposite wall.

Admittedly, this amazing bathroom is leaning more on shades of lavender than violet, but we find it pretty chic nonetheless, not to mention surprising. While it may have sounded matchy-matchy in our brains, the fact that the mixed media array of walls, flooring and furniture all match, but in their own unique textures, is exactly what makes this room work. We’re especially digging the tile and vanities.

The walls in this stunning living room are such a beautiful color, but what we really love here is the pattern mixing. Those drapes are eye-catching and really play off of the violet hue in an unexpected, smart way. We’re also really into the mix of purple shading here, with the sofa and rug showing off in their own respective ways as well.

This is probably much more our speed, and something we may just want to try out in 2018. Especially as we start packing away our favorite holiday decor and find ourselves in desperate need of a jolt to color to stave off the post-holiday blues. The deeply-hued throw pillow looks fabulous against the more neutrally-hued, purple-esque sofa, and of course we could see ourselves relaxing there with a glass of matching red wine. This looks like a lovely January to us.

Do you plan on adding this color into your home design (or wardrobe) in 2018? Is it already there? Share with us in the comments!

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