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Deck the Halls (The Easy Way)

Posted: November 29, 2017 at 8:04 pm

Thanksgiving is in our rear view mirror and it is officially full speed ahead to the holidays. That means we get to break out our box of decorations, and we’re super excited about it. We’ve got our tried and true favorites coming out to play again, but we also want to spruce up our routine a bit with some new twists. The trick? We’re not at all crafty and anything that we commit too has to be something a kindergartner could handle. These are the ideas we’ve found from around the internet that we’re thinking about tying into our festive decor this¬† year.

Branch out

We love the idea of using natural greenery on our centerpieces and mantels, and we especially love the idea of using branches of bright red berries. They are beautiful all on their own, and when placed in a pretty vase, make an excellent (and inexpensive) centerpiece that can be refreshed all winter long. And even we can manage to tie some pretty red ribbon around the vase, so long as we keep the bow simple.

Gather round

We have been collecting ornaments for years, and as a result, have way too many now. Yet, we can’t really bring ourselves to part with them, so we end up, year after year, with a bunch of unused ornaments that we’d really love to use. We love the idea of making an ornament cluster that can be attached to a wreath, hang from a mantel or window, or dangle from a (now) festive door knob. This tutorial looks doable to us, and we’re already dreaming up the many places we can put these.

Candle Clusters

Candles are great in general, but we love to pump up the jam on them during the holidays. They are festive, add a lot of ambience, and since the days are so short, can be used quite a bit. There are lots of beautiful, metallic-hued votives in the stores right now, so if you can pick a few up, go for it. If you’re crafty or on a budget, we’re really digging this craft from Woman’s Day. It uses craft paint and glass mason jars and looks like a fun one to do with family. These would be super fun to cluster on a side table, buffet, night stand or bathroom area.

Cheeky flames



This is so cheeky we’d love it in homes that have multiple fireplaces. But if you don’t, and still want a place to hang those stockings with care, might we recommend¬†just drawing one with chalk? (No, not directly on the wall, unless if you have one of the cool chalkboard paint walls.) We love that this idea can be used for a bunch of different purposes, and that’s is also pretty witty and fun.

Snow Problem



This one might be asking a lot of our meager talents, but we love the idea so much we may have to give it a try. Snowmen are one of those quintessential holiday motifs, but real white Christmas’s are rare where we live. The idea of building our own Frosty out of pretty wreaths is really appealing, so we’re going to see what happens. Plus, we do need SOMETHING for outdoors, after all.

We hope your holiday season is off to a smashing start, and please share your favorite (simple) holiday decorating ideas and crafts with us in the comments!

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