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Happy Halloween!

Posted: October 25, 2017 at 7:58 pm

It’s almost Halloween!

With the possible exception of Derby Day, which is more of a local holiday, Halloween may be our favorite. We love the time of year, the crunching leaves, the ghoulish decorations, and daily excuse to binge on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This year, we’re throwing a party, and though we haven’t finalized all of our plans (hello, procrastination), we do have our virtual inspiration board, and we wanted to share some of our ideas today on the blog. Here’s what we’re thinking:


For inside, we naturally love everything our girl Martha Stewart does, but for our skill level, we have to stick to some of the simpler stuff. That’s why we’re loving these Friendly Ghost Shades, this Bat Mobile (not the one with an engine), and this Deranged Halloween Centerpiece. All of these look doable at our level.

For the exterior, we’re thinking of putting our old wheelbarrow to spooky use and burying a plastic skeleton in leaves, a la this. We’ll also of course have many pumpkins and jack o’lanterns adorning our front steps, and lots of lighting to guide our guests and trick-or-treaters to the front door.


Via Delish

Via Delish

Naturally, we will have plenty of candy. But for our party guests, we’ll want something extra special for dessert, and we think this Dead Velvet Cake  is deliciously perfect.

We do realize we’ll need to serve some savory dishes as well though, and with that in mind, we always like the idea of a big pot of chili (this is one of our favorite recipes), along with our favorite skillet cornbread and all of our toppings. We may also like the idea of having lots of this caramel-peanut-popcorn mix on hand in case anyone needs an easy snack while passing out candy (or overdoes it on the chocolate).


Chili usually goes with beer, and beer in October means pumpkin beer. We’ll be consulting this list before we head to the store.

But of course, we’ll also have kids at our house, and we want to make sure we have something more interesting than water and juice boxes for them. This wormy orange punch may be perfect.


Spotify will come in handy for us here. There are a bunch of Halloween playlists available, and we like this one.


Via The Huffington Post

Via The Huffington Post

For the adults, we’re into the idea of Halloween movie trivia game. Everyone likes trivia, and just about everyone has seen at least a few horror or Halloween-themed movies. This is a great list of games and quizzes to get you started, but it isn’t difficult to put your own together.

For kids and adults alike, we like the idea of the candy corn relay race, where guests must move pieces of candy corn from one bowl to another using a spoon, and no hands.

And of course, there are always classics like bobbing for apples, guessing games for the number of candies in a jar, or a Halloween movie screening if tired, post trick-or-treating legs just need a break.

What are your favorite Halloween party traditions? Share your favorite tips, recipes or ideas with us in the comments!

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

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