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Kitchen Confidential

Posted: November 9, 2017 at 5:42 pm

Thanksgiving is…wait for it…just two weeks away. That’s both exciting and a little bit terrifying, especially if, like us, your kitchen seems to be in a constant state of disarray. This year though, we want to use the time we have to better prep it for the ridiculous amount of action it will start to see soon. Our first step is going to be to declutter the space and start getting it organized, so we’re going to start with a major drawer and cabinet clean-out.

Here are ten things we’re planning on tossing to make our primary holiday workspace more holiday-friendly:

Tupperwear – Lids without bottoms, or containers without toppers, are going straight into the recycling bin. If it’s been missing this long, much like our single socks, it’s time to go and stop wasting space. This is a good task to tackle semi-annually, and the holidays are as good a trigger as any. You’ll need a decent, organized stash for all of those Thanksgiving leftovers anyway,

Take-out menus – Really, you can find all of these online these days, but if you have a favorite, tack it up in a convenient place. All of the others should also head straight to the recycling bin.

Corkscrews and extra can-openers – Likely, you only use one of each. Keep your favorite, toss the extras. If they are all a bit mangled and past their prime, replace before the holiday rush hits.

Expired spices – Much like corkscrews, spices get used A LOT during the holidays. Take a good look at your spice rack and make sure it’s ready for action. Check your go-to recipes to make sure you have the necessities on hand, and look at everything already in there to ensure nothing is past its expiration date. You want your pumpkin pie to taste every bit as awesome as it did last year.

Rags and sponges – We have a tendency to keep these around WAY longer than we should. We don’t even want to imagine what’s happening there. We like to use this time of year to toss ALL of these out and start fresh. (And also, resolve to be better about replacing them regularly in the future.)

Canned goods and pantry items – This is also a great opportunity to rummage through the pantry and toss anything that’s well past its expiration date. We’re all guilty of having canned goods in the pantry that have long since needed to go, and those shouldn’t be donated either. Just toss.

Drive-thru & take-out remnants – We’re talking about that mess of branded napkins, chopsticks and sauce packets. Do you ever really reach for them?

Anything chipped – Yes, it may be sentimental. But you aren’t using it, and it’s taking up space. Mugs, china or glassware with chips should be responsibly tossed.

Excessive utensils – You don’t need three spatulas. You only need the one you always use, plus maybe one extra if you’ll have kitchen help this holiday season. Manage the utensil chaos and start removing duplicates.

Grocery bags – We’re all guilty of keeping those of both the paper and plastic variety around in ridiculous quantities, because, you just never know. But really, you do. Keep at most five of each. Recycle or toss the rest.

The Marsala Baker's Rack

The Marsala Baker’s Rack

When it comes time to reorganize what’s left, might we recommend one of Hillsdale Furniture’s lovely baker’s racks? Personally, we’re partial to the Marsala Baker’s Rack, both because it holds AND is named after wine. The Marsala boasts a laser-cut floral-like accent and on-trend metallic construction. It has three shelves, a glass top serving area, plus wine storage with an eye-catching gray base with brown highlighting. Anything that can organize our china, cookbooks AND favorite wines is a winner in our books.

We’re wishing everyone a wonderful holiday prep season!



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