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Rosy Outlook

Posted: October 19, 2017 at 6:17 pm

It may be autumn, when everyone’s palettes turn to jewel tones and fiery oranges and yellows, but we’re jumping onto another trend this season–blush and rose gold in our home decor. It may feel more like a springtime hue, but the more we see it, the more we’re enjoying it for a year round. It lightens up a room, and is far more visually interesting than similarly pale neutrals. It’s just enough of a pop for our design sensibilities, and we’re definitely dreaming about the various ways we could use it in our homes.

Here are a few of our favorite ways we’ve seen people use it in design:

We love the light touch of this light hue in this room, where it’s really only being used as an elegant accent color in the curtains and throw pillows. It’s subtle, sophisticated and welcoming all at the same time.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have this mind-blowingly beautiful attic living space with a rose gold, patterned ceiling and walls. It’s completely unexpected and fun, and probably a really great way to amplify the limited natural light an attic gets to make it a more open and welcoming space.

We really hadn’t considered blush for our bathrooms, but the pink tile used here is a bit whimsical and delightfully retro. We also love how well it complements the black accent tiles and metallic accessories. It really is a versatile color that can be used in a myriad of aesthetics.

This rose gold mirror is cool in more ways than one. Not only do we love its rose gold hue, we love its contemporary shape and design, and can imagine just how great it will look in our office or foyer. Blushes and pinks work really well in both modern and traditional designs, and this is a really great example of that. And of course we love complementing the rose gold frames with a small pink bud vase, which really enhances the whole vignette.

Via Huntly

Via Huntly

Also falling into that contemporary category? This amazing room and its pink rug, which is the last thing we’d expect based on the rest of the room. It’s bright, eye-catching and definitely a conversation piece, which, considering this room is a part of an Australian penthouse, is probably to be expected. A single, bold punch of this great hue can really go a long way.

Do you use blush or rose gold in your home design? If so, how? What are your tricks?

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