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14 Unique Ways To Wrap Your Holiday Gifts

Posted: December 11, 2018 at 8:24 pm

Is there anything more tantalizing than a gift waiting for you under the tree? Just as presentation is half the taste, fun, out-of-the-box wrapping is half the fun of giving and receiving. Check out these unique ways to wrap holiday gifts, running the gamut from humorous to elegant. 

The Three-Tiered Snowman 

Three Tiered Snowman

Something you need. Something you want. Something I want you to have. The three-tiered snowman makes it easy to stay true to that timeless rule of gift-giving. 


Wreath Wrapping 

Wreath Wrapping

Put some holly in your jolly. You can dress up a simple brown paper bag with this classy and easy-to-make paper and ribbon wreath. 


Chalkboard Paper 

Chalkboard Paper

Or, skip the gift tag altogether! Black wrapping paper with silver permanent marker is a sophisticated and personalized approach to gift wrapping. 


Au Naturale 

Au Naturale


Brown paper packages tied up with string really come to life when you incorporate elements of nature. Evergreen springs work great on smaller packages, while pinecones make excellent toppers for larger gifts. 


Cookie Tags 

Cookie Tags

Turn gift tags into a special treat. Slip a small cookie into a cellophane envelope along with the tag for a sweet bonus. 


Sew Up The Softies 

Sew Up The Softies

No box? No problem! This cute and cost-effective method is perfect for wrapping up soft gifts like clothes, hats, gloves, and scarves. All you need is some kraft paper, needle, and thread. Place the gift on the paper, cut a shape around it, and sew it up.  


Simply Santa 

Simply Santa

Easy, yet elegant, and a great way to add a little Christmas magic to kids’ gifts. 


Black & White & Red All Over 

Black & White & Red All Over

Free and eco-friendly. What more could you want? Using old newspaper with festive ribbon is an environmentally conscious way to wrap gifts for any occasion.  


Easy As (Cup)cake 

Easy As (Cup)cake

Traveling for the holidays this year? Don’t get stuck with a smushed bow. This DIY present topper is made from cupcake tin liners and stands up to stacking. 


Don’t Forget The Dog! 


We all have a hardcore dog lover in our family, and it always means a lot to include the furbaby in the festivities. Use a Milkbone treat as a present topper and pamper the pooch! 


Coils Are The New Curls 

Coils Are The New Curls

Forget curling ribbons. Use coiled twine in place of a bow for a rustic chic look. 


Christmas Critters 

Christmas Crtters

So cute you almost don’t want to open them. These adorable packages are enjoyed by kids of all ages. 


Wishy Washi 

Wishy Washi

A fun and mess-free craft for the kids! Get creative with the washi tape and design your own Christmas tree. 


Make Some Weaves 

Make Some Weaves

Ribbon latticework is a low-cost way to make any giftwrap look expensive and classy. 


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