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Small spaces. Big ideas.

Posted: May 8, 2018 at 12:45 pm

Get The Most Out Of Your Home Office

Small spaces. Big ideas.

Finding furnishings for a small home office can be a challenge. But, there are some tips and tricks you can use to maximize the potential of even the tiniest workspaces. Hint: It’s all about minimalism. The less you try to cram into a small space, the bigger that space will feel. Plus, clearing out clutter and using space efficiently will give you more room to breathe and unleash your inner creativity.


Get Clever With Your Furniture

Hillsdale Pulse Desk

When it comes to cozy areas, form must follow function. You’ll want to procure a desk with innovative design, so that you can make the smartest use of your space. Go for a minimalist desk with a small footprint, like the Pulse from Hillsdale Furniture, or try a corner desk that optimizes functional square footage. You can also use mirrors to create an optical illusion, making the room appear bigger and even brighter.


Build Up, Not Out

There’s no room for sprawl in a space that’s small. When it comes to storage, you’ll want to utilize vertical shelves, wall shelves and overhead storage to keep as much floor space clear as possible. Plus, drawing the eye upward with your storage solutions and artwork can make a room feel more spacious – especially in offices with lower ceilings.

Have A Bright Idea About Lighting


In a smallish home office, desk lamps and floor lamps are a big no-no. Instead, turn to wall sconces and overhead lighting (if you’re not lucky enough to have natural lighting in your office). Remember: overhead lighting doesn’t have to mean harsh, florescent light permeating every nook and cranny of your office. Soft white bulbs and modern chandeliers can gently illuminate your space while adding a dash of style.


Go Digital

There are plenty of reasons to take your business dealings out of the filing cabinet and into the cloud. For starters, foregoing paper is a lot better for the environment. More relevantly, digitizing paperwork alleviates the need to store all that documentation. Which, of course, frees up even more space in your office.


Opt For Sleek Tech

Bulky monitors, tons of wires and large, outdated printers and fax machines are not only cumbersome; they also take up a ton of space. When it’s time to update your office appliances, spring for slender, space-saving solutions that have wireless connections. It’ll simplify your life and give you more desk and workstation space.


We hope these tips can help you get down to business in a streamlined and efficient fashion. And, if you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest.

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