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A Frightening Feast

Posted: October 26, 2019 at 8:43 pm

Happy Halloween, friends!

Halloween is one of our very favorite holidays, and hopefully, by this point, you’ve enjoyed a costume party (or three) and have your trick or treating plans locked down. In all of that hustle and bustle to make your costumes perfect and make sure you have plenty of candy on hand, you might have forgotten to plan dinner tonight. So, if you want to do something festive and spooky, instead of a pizza delivery on a break between blocks, we have a few suggestions.

Mac-O-Lantern and Cheese Bowls

How cute are these? Turn orange bell peppers into little jack-o-lantern shaped bowls within which you could put just about anything, but Mac and Cheese seems like a no-brainer. Pun intended. Recipe via Food Network.

Pizza Mummies

From the kid-friendly kitchen genius Weelicious comes these adorable pizza mummies, made on English muffins with plenty of mozzarella cheese and olive eyes. Who doesn’t love pizza? Recipe via Weelicious.

Via Tasty

Via Tasty

Halloween Buffalo Chicken Dip

We all love buffalo chicken dip, and it isn’t unusual at all for us to make a meal out of it. What is unusual, is using that natural orange hue to turn it into a jack-o-lantern face. This is such a fun and extra tasty take on one of our favorite treats, and we think Halloween makes a perfect occasion for it. Recipe via Tasty.

Via Delish

Via Delish

Eyeball Pasta

Need an easy crowd-pleaser that will fuel a big batch of trick or treaters for a full night of fun? We love this idea. Make a big batch of spaghetti and meat–ahem, eyeballs. It’s easy and a sure hit, since we’re pretty sure spaghetti is on even the pickiest eaters’ lists of favorites. Plus, all that red, with the spaghetti and “eyeballs” has a true creepy vibe that’s perfect for the occasion. Recipe via Delish. 

Ghoulish Red Velvet Cake

This cake is some serious baking AND Halloween #goals. Not entirely sure our skills are up to this particular challenge, but may end up giving it a try. This is such a genius way to make the already kinda-unsettling red velvet cake work with a frightening Halloween theme, so if we can’t make it work, we just have to call in the professionals. Recipe via Brit + Co. 

Do you have any favorite Halloween recipes? Share with us in the recipes, before you head out to collect candy tonight. Have fun and stay safe, everyone! Happy Halloween!

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