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Application Nation

Posted: January 9, 2019 at 6:28 pm

Resolution season is in full-swing, and like everyone else in our social media feeds, we want to get organized, get fit, and save money in the new year, along with a whole lot of other things. It’s an inspiring, but also overwhelming time of the year, especially if you don’t already have the tools in place to make intended changes to your life in smart, efficient ways.

This is where apps come in. If you have a smart phone or tablet, chances are you are well acquainted with at least a few apps. But are you using them effectively? Are they simply taking up precious storage space on your devices? One of our resolutions this year is to actually maximize the apps that can make our lives better, and these are the ones we’re looking to leverage for positive change in 2019.


This note-taking app goes well beyond the basics of a digital notepad. It’s got goal-setting, budgeting, health and nutrition templates available, a scanning function that will allow you to digitize important documents and FINALLY clean out your desk, digital post-it notes and is an easy way to save web pages or recipes for later (a problem we really haven’t found a great solution to yet). Lots of great ideas for how to use Evernote here and here.


Are you a frequent traveler? Have some miles planned for 2019? If so, be sure to download TripIt, a one-stop filing source for your itineraries, reservations, bookings and general plans. It will send you notifications on delays or itinerary changes, allows you to set reminders and generally allow you to keep track of the many digital plans that go into making a modern trip happen, whether for personal, vacation or business purposes.

Camera Roll/Photos

Indeed, if you have an iPhone, you already have this app. It’s where your photos are stored. But if you have ever experienced the frustration of trying to call back a photo from a year ago, you know there are better ways to use it. With a few of these tips, like using the Favorites function more, creating and organizing more albums, and using the search and selection function, you can save yourself a lot of image-inspired headaches.


While we realize and understand their necessity, passwords online are the bane of our digital existence. We feel like we have to change at least one a week because we’ve long since forgotten the series of punctuation marks unique to this particularly portal. We know keeping them on a post-in in your desk is bad news, and just storing them in the Notes function on your phone isn’t particularly great either. 1Password is a safe way to store and organize your passwords in a single spot. It does cost $2.99 a month, but that seems like to small price to pay for our safety AND sanity.


Do you manage multiple social media accounts, for yourself, your business or an organization you are involved with? The more pages you manage, the more your life can be overtaken by keeping content fresh and organized across the board. Buffer allows you to schedule AND create posts, manage links, and you can handle three accounts all at the same time. A basic plan for Buffer is free, but if social media takes up a greater than average percentage of your day, consider the $15 a month subscription with added capabilities to streamline your social media management.

Finally, now that you have all those cool apps on your phone, make sure you can find them. These tips from Lifehack are a great place to start.

How’s your new year going? Are you finding those clean calendar pages as inspiring as we are? Have any favorite apps that are making your life better?




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