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Side Dish

We’re still a week away from Thanksgiving, but a) it’s never too early to start eating Thanksgiving foods, and b) you still have a Turkey Day menu to plan. We’re here to help. We’ve got all the side dishes you need to pull off an amazing Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, or you know, Wednesday night family dinner. […]

Meet the Family

One of the things we really pride ourselves on at Hillsdale is our breadth of design and product. There really is something for everyone here, and today, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite new additions. It’s a social time of the year, so we thought we’d feature new members of our stool collection, […]

A Frightening Feast

Happy Halloween, friends! Halloween is one of our very favorite holidays, and hopefully, by this point, you’ve enjoyed a costume party (or three) and have your trick or treating plans locked down. In all of that hustle and bustle to make your costumes perfect and make sure you have plenty of candy on hand, you […]

Statement Walls

While it seemed to fall out of fashion for a moment several years ago, wallpaper has become a statement-making marker of sophisticated modern design. It comes in bright hues in cool, contemporary patterns, and honestly, has become one of our favorite things to look for design magazines. We like to dream about trying out a […]

Lux for Less: The Alden Bay Dining Collection

Always dress to impress. This mantra should be applied not only to wardrobes, but to homes as well. Everyone should be able to enjoy beautiful interiors they are proud to bring friends and family home to, for the holidays, for the party, for the evening. Hillsdale Furniture is working to make luxury and elegance attainable, […]

Autumn Avenues

We’ve probably established by now that we’re pretty big fans of fall. We love it so much that we like to see what it looks like not only here but all over the place. This has made it one of our favorite times of the year to travel. Leaf peeping is what people usually think […]

The Fall Bucket List

It’s 90 degrees here at home this week. We’re not fans. It’s officially fall, and we’re ready for boots, scarves and vest weather. To get our minds off the heat, we’ll have to settle for dreaming of all our fall favorites, so we decided to build our dream fall bucket list today. The many things […]

Guest Room Retreat

This fall we’ll be hosting some visitors from out-of-town. We’re pretty excited to see them, and we really want to be the best hosts we can be. That means making sure they have a comfortable and restful retreat in our home. So, we went on the hunt for tips on how to make our guest […]

Tips for the Seasonal Closet Flip

Are you one of those people with closet space challenges? We definitely are. (And really, even if you are one of those blessed folks who aren’t, these tips are worth reading.) The seasonal closet flip has become one of our primary ways of coping with the organizational anxiety that hits us at least twice a […]

Autumn in the Kitchen

Is it a little early to talk fall cooking? Probably. But it’s our favorite and we really can’t wait to get started with Soup Season. That’s an affectionate moniker–we actually make lots of different things when the weather finally cools, but one pot wonders are where it’s at. With that in mind, we wanted to […]