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Book Nook Looks!

Posted: June 6, 2018 at 7:43 pm

Summer reading season is upon us, and we’ve got an overloaded Kindle and a stack of new hardbacks on our nightstand all ready for it. We’re big readers over here, and it was a habit that was fortunately encouraged when we were young. With that in mind, it is now time to pay it forward, and share our love of reading with the little ones. With summers free from homework and busy activity schedules, it is the perfect time season to do so.

The key to getting kids hooked on reading is to make it fun–preferably just as much fun as running around outside or playing video games. This is where creative “book nooks” come in. If you make up a fun little corner within which your kids can have fun with books, they are far more likelier to return to it again and again. There are obviously no hard and fast rules for how to accomplish a book nook in your home, though we think a combination of stocked bookshelves, baskets, comfortable seating, blankets and some thematic decor will get the job done. To get you inspired, here are a few of our favorites from around the internet:

We love everything about this two-tiered book nook, from built-shelves to the lavender couch to the library-esque ladder and second-level curtains. It feels like your own miniature library, and we would no doubt spend hours here if given the opportunity. However, we think our children would take up residence full-time.

Via Go Mighty

Via Hiyapapaya.com

Window seats have long served as great reading spaces, but this one is especially tricked out. We love the use of the bottom row recesses to display great picture book classics (those covers really are art all on their own), the printed upholstery and brightly colored pillows, great natural lighting and general upper level shelf organization.

Via Decor Pad

Via Decor Pad and Von Fritz Design

Another for the window seat wall of fame! This one has its shelves off to the sides, and has drawers instead of recessed spaces as its base. We love the contrast between the pink, floral-printed wallpaper and the teal-hued seat fabric, and we’re going notes for those throw pillows and that chandelier too. This is a great example of a book nook that would work well for adults and kids, so we hope whoever owns it is sharing that precious shelf-space.

Via Home-Designing.com

Via Home-Designing.com

This is another great one that will work for bigger kids and adults alike. A papasan chair is just as fun to look at as it is to curl up in, making it a unique twist on traditional read seats. We love the funky fabric print, owl pillow and faux fur blanket (not to mention the mule glasses waiting nearby). The only thing missing is a great book!

Sometimes, all you need are some bright shelves and a big neon pillow to create the perfect reading space. Cool carpet doesn’t hurt either, not to mention a really killer kids’ library complete with some Dr. Seuss greatest hits.

Last but not least, the ultimate in pre-bed timing book nooking. How dreamy are those twinkle lights?? How amazing are these drapes? Reading outside after dark can be pretty difficult, so we love this idea of bringing the stars inside, close enough to illuminate your books and eventually your dreams too.

Thinking of building your own family or children’s book nook this summer? May we recommend starting with Hillsdale’s Schoolhouse 4.0 Bookcase? It comes in white, gray or chocolate finishes, and is an ideal blank canvas from which to build your array of fun, beautiful children’s literature. The greatest thing about the Schoolhouse is that it can grow with your kids (and yourself).

Where do you like to read? Have you made a book nook in your home, for yourself or your kids? Share the details with us! Also, what’s on your reading list this summer? We’re always looking for fresh ideas!

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