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Clever Storage Solutions For Christmas Décor

Posted: December 25, 2018 at 9:00 am

Clever Storage Solutions For Christmas Décor 

The halls have been decked, but now what the heck? Where are you going to put all that stuff? Check out these low-cost, DIY hacks for storing all your Christmas knick-knacks and supplies. 

For Your Ornaments 

 There’s a lot of sentimentality (and expense!) that goes into Christmas ornaments. Keep them safe and secure all year ‘round without spending a dime. 

Smaller ornaments fit perfectly in an egg crate. 

Egg Crate 

Credit: Laura Russell 


And beverage trays or Solo cups are ideal for larger ornaments. 

Beverage Trays 

Credit: Mark Kelly 

 Solo Cups

Credit: Jill Nystul  

For Your Wrapping Paper 

 Once you call it a wrap on the holidays, store your wrapping paper with ease. 

Option 1: Use a shoe rack. 

 Shoe Rack

Credit: Emily Fazio 


Option 2: Hang ‘em in a garment bag. 

 Garmet Bag 

Credit: Rachel Hollis 


For Your Wreaths 

 You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf, but what about Wreaths on a Rack? Keep your wreaths from getting smashed by using plastic bags, hangers, and a standing closet. 

 Wreath Rack 

Credit: Sew Many Ways 


For Your Lights 

Here’s a couple of two-fers! Use a leftover shipping box (because we know you’re all shopping online this season) or a Pringles can to keep your lights from getting tangled. 

 Cardboard Lights 

Credit: Kim Christensen 

 Pringles Can 

Credit: Jonathan Forani  

Got any tips or tricks of your own? Share them in the comments! And Merry Christmas! 

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