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Commercial vs. Residential Stools: What’s the Difference?

Posted: April 2, 2019 at 7:36 pm

For over 25 years, Hillsdale Furniture has been the industry leader in stools. In addition to counter height and bar height stools, we also specialize in commercial and residential stools. What’s the difference? As the names suggest, commercial stools are intended for use in restaurants, hotels, bars, and the like, while residential stools are intended for use in the home. That doesn’t mean you can’t use a commercial stool in your home, however! Read on to learn the differences between our commercial and residential stools and to discover which is right for you.

Weight Capacity

The most pronounced difference between commercial and residential stools is between their weight capacities. We recommended a weight limit of 250 pounds for residential stools, but our commercial stools are weight tested to support up to 500 lbs. While both stool types are crafted from heavy gauge tubular steel, our commercial stools also feature advanced back and seat reinforcements.

Seat Size

Our commercial stools feature extra-wide seats to comfortably accommodate personages and patrons of all body types. Most Hillsdale Furniture commercial grade stools have seat diameters between 20-22 inches, while residential stools typically have seats that measure between 17-20 inches in diameter.

Performance Fabrics

We pride ourselves on our careful selection of materials for our range of stools at all price points, from polyester to real leather. Some of our commercial stools, however, take it to the next level. Several counter and bar height stools in our commercial stool lineup are upholstered in performance fabrics that resist water damage and stains.


Many of our residential stools are available both online and in-stores, but the majority of our commercial stores are available only from our brick and mortar partners. If you’re in the market for a commercial stool, find a Hillsdale Furniture retailer near you.

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