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Container Cool

Posted: April 18, 2018 at 7:03 pm

We don’t really have green thumbs around here. This time of the year, this becomes a serious shame and shortcoming. When our friends and colleagues are enjoying riots of color beds and flowering trees in their backyards, we’re mostly just trying to keep the weeds from overtaking the entire house. It isn’t pretty. This year, we want to take a few steps to change that. Though we don’t have the skills (nor the energy) to undertake a full landscaping project around our home, we would like to take a stab at putting together a container garden. This seems like a simpler approach to a new hobby. We have spent some time scouring the internet for some tips and ideas on how we should get started, and here’s what we have found noteworthy.

For starters, all you need is a planter (container), soil and whatever plants you like. You can also move your containers around as needed, bringing plants indoors if you have a late season cold snap (*raises hand*), or are hosting an outdoor patio celebration and want to bring everything into one area for decoration. There are also a variety of ways to present these types of gardens and arrangements, and these are our favorites.

Keep it in the (color) family

We’re typically accustomed to potted gardens container a swirl of saturated colors. But it can be equally as lovely and a little surprising to keep everything in a single container to a single color family–think all greens, blues or pinks. We’re loving this mix of cooler hued a chamaerops humilis palm (top left), a ‘Frosted Curls’ carex (center), aeonium ‘Sunburst’ (bottom left) and a goodenia affinis ‘Little Luna’ (bottom right).

Moss Boss

Martha Stewart has a million fabulous ideas, and her take on a container moss garden is brilliant. Moss has such an earthy look and texture, and when potted in decorative containers, it’s a really creative take on these types of gardens. This one seems a bit more technical to us, but no worries, Martha has a covered with all of the details and how-to’s here.

The Green Monster

Okay, this may not be quite as fearsome as Fenway Park. While we may not have green thumbs, we do have green hearts, and a privacy wall made entirely of hanging greenery is a kind of dream come true for us. Martha is using copper gutter pots on this porch area, though we imagine this would work with a variety of different hanging pots (and even a bottom row of large ceramic pots). Ferns, ivy or any green, viney plant would be perfect here, and they typically thrive in the shade, which would help them out immensely in this particular context. Details here.

Rose-colored glasses

When we think of roses, we typically think of a bouquet or a big row of flourishing rose bushes. Roses are great in containers though too, and can be much more manageable to care for this way. They typically require bigger pots, a lot of soil and a lot of sun, but it can be really fun to have pots of roses to display around your property, and even clip a few from time to time to bring indoors. Not to mention, they smell divine.

Vegging out

For those with more practical, and tasty, visions of container gardening, we are happy to inform you that vegetable container gardening is a thing! We had no idea until recently, and are really excited that we don’t need to dig out an entire bed for the purpose of having our own tomatoes and kale. We love the idea of using metallic troughs for the job, as seen above. Just keep in mind that different vegetables can require varied amounts of sun, shade, water and soil, so it’s important to do your research ahead of time. Many of the details you need can be found courtesy of BHG here.

We’re due for some decent weekend weather here soon, and it may be the ideal time to get our container garden started. So don’t mind us, we’ll just be off daydreaming about cascading ferns, juicy tomatoes and sweet-scented roses. Happy Spring!



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