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Flip the Seasonal Switch

Posted: August 28, 2018 at 8:22 pm

We are fortunate enough to be looking ahead to a long weekend. Labor Day weekend is traditionally one full of final days at the pool, ice cream cones and grilling out. It marks the unofficial ending of summer, and the beginning of fall (even though we’ll still likely be sweating plenty through September). With that, we have a tendency to add a few other to-do items to our long weekend agenda, assuming pool time doesn’t overtake our days. We like to start the process of the seasonal flip for our homes, and this doesn’t just mean our closets.

We also like to go ahead and start making some subtle changes to our home decor. Here’s a peek at what we’re hoping to accomplish this weekend.

Add some seasonal flair

Our favorite part is of course adding in some autumnal elements and accents, including fall leaves, acorns and a few (subtle) pumpkins. It’s still too early for us to go full-Halloween, but we have a few items that work well all season long that will make their first appearance in the coming days. We made an acorn mirror similar to this one from Martha Stewart a couple of years ago, and we love it in our powder room this time of year.

Swap in the seasonal textures and colors

It’s time for the lightweight, brightly hued throw blankets and pillows to take their annual hibernation. Break out the wool throws, plaid pillows and autumn-hued hand towels. You may not physically require them yet, but they bring with them an autumnal atmosphere that can be hard to resist on Football Sundays.

Welcome home wreaths

We discovered (embarrassingly) recently that door wreaths aren’t just for Christmas. You can make a seasonal wreath for just about any occasion. (Here in Derby city, we even have equestrian-inspired ones that start to emerge every spring.) A simple wreath decorated with fall leaves, sunflowers or even green apples can be a lovely addition for the first part of the season. We like this one.

Switch it up in the kitchen

It’s time to start swapping in the fall produce. Add bowls of shiny, colorful apples and squash to your table and counters. They set an epicureal tone, but a visual one too. Not to mention, you’ll always have healthy snack options available, and will likely save a few bucks by focusing your produce needs on what’s in season.

Add the aromatics

We love our seasonal candle stash, and it gets replenished every season. Purchase (or make your own) a few candles in your favorite autumn scents (apple, pumpkin, cinnamon elements tend to be popular this time of year), and consider lighting them on evenings when you are home. A fall scent in the air can immediately change your mood and put you in a fall frame of mind.

Do you start the season flip flop around Labor Day weekend? What do you do around the house to get it ready for this fun season?

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