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Gifts To Go The Distance

Posted: December 20, 2018 at 3:59 pm

Still have holiday shopping to get done? Yeah, us too. With only a few more shopping days available, the outlook isn’t great. Fortunately, we’ve got our eyes on some gifts that can’t exactly be purchased at the mall, so we still may be able to spare ourselves the seasonal misery of fighting for a parking spot. This year, we are mulling over some experience gifts we can give the family, instead of (or at least partially instead of) the usual array of pajamas, new phones and toys. Experiences not only promote family bonding and fun, they create memories that can last a lifetime, and we’re all in favor of that as opposed to a new smart phone that will barely make it two years. Here’s what we’re considering this year.

The gift of reading

Bookstores and libraries are some of our favorite places to be. We could spend hours moseying around the shelves with a latte in one hand and our soon to be new favorite novel in the other. Traditionally, we’ve done this on our own, when we happen to stumble onto an hour to ourselves. This year, we may make a family event out of it. Buy some gift cards to your favorite local bookstore–it has to be a brick and mortar option–pass them out on Christmas, and plan a day when the whole family can go together and pick up a stack of books to enjoy.

The gift of the outdoors, indoors

If you happen to live somewhere that’s warm year around, we’re jealous. For those who do not, and are likely just now starting to get a little stir crazy about the weather keeping everyone inside all the time, we have an amazing gift idea that will at least solve your problems for a day. Buy the family a day pass to the local climbing gym. There are often orientations for newbies, walls for all abilities, and it will prevent the kiddos from climbing on the (Hillsdale) furniture in your home, at least briefly. Have an enthusiast in the house already? Buy them a membership to the nearest climbing gym.

The gift of the season pass

Depending on your location, these may involve a bit of delayed gratification, but they could spare you some begging come spring. If you are in the vicinity of a ski mountain, this is an excellent gift both generally and timing-wise! If you are closer to an amusement park, water park or swimming facility that is probably a few months away from opening, maybe pair the gift with a new swimsuit or pair of sunglasses. Regardless, these are the gifts that can keep on giving for months. We also like zoo and museum memberships, and would never turn one down ourselves. Hint, hint.

The gift of performance

There’s really no substitute for a live performance. We’re the biggest movie buffs you can imagine, but even we can appreciate a play, concert or musical, and though it is often a splurge (especially if you have a big family), there’s really nothing like the gift of tickets. Seasonal outings to The Nutcracker ballet or Christmas Carol play are always favorites, but if they aren’t available or been done a dozen times already, look at the winter and spring schedules of your local performing arts centers, and pick out something the whole family can enjoy.

The gift of travel

For the family that’s really been on the nice list this year, consider the gift of travel. The gift of new places, fresh experiences and foreign cultures is one of the most amazing ones you can give, and it is guaranteed to create some incredible memories. Find an option that’s in your budget, from a long weekend away to a city just a few hours drive from home to a week abroad that requires a plane ride. Visit a place to significant to your family history, or just somewhere that’s been on your list for years. Whatever it is, the gift of exploration won’t be forgotten.

Whatever you decide to put under the tree, make it meaningful.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holiday Seasons, from all of us at Hillsdale Furniture!

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