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Guest Room Retreat

Posted: September 22, 2019 at 2:21 pm

This fall we’ll be hosting some visitors from out-of-town. We’re pretty excited to see them, and we really want to be the best hosts we can be. That means making sure they have a comfortable and restful retreat in our home. So, we went on the hunt for tips on how to make our guest rooms as welcoming as possible. Here’s what we came up with.

Freshen it up with flowers

We consider fresh flowers to be something of a personal luxury, and if there’s ever a moment to splurge, it’s when you’re hosting beloved friends and family. We’re going to put a seasonal bouquet in their guest room, and maybe go ahead and double up the order so we can put some in our living areas as well. It’s a small touch that makes all the difference.

Make it cozy

Think about the quality of your linens, add a nice duvet, and put some pretty throw pillows and throw blankets around the space. Put extra blankets in the closet just in case. Make the space as cozy and as sleep-ready as possible. If it tends to get stuffy in there, add a fan. If it gets cool, add an extra heavy blanket. Everyone s happier and more comfortable when they get a good night’s rest.

Via PetMD

Via PetMD

Don’t forget the furry friends

Will your guests be bringing a pet with them? Ours are. So we’re throwing an extra dog bed into the room, adding a set of bowls and wrapping up some treats for the four-legged guests we’ll have. Chances are they’ll be bringing these things with them, but you never know, and going the extra mile for all your guests is always appreciated.

Brighten it up

Candles are so great for creating a warm atmosphere. We love having them around our home, and we’ll be sure to place a few nice ones in the guest room (away from all curtains and other flammables, of course). If the flowers you choose are heavily scented themselves, maybe avoid candles of the scented variety. But if not, choose something with light, delicate, fresh scent that isn’t overwhelming.

Offer the essentials

Act like you are running a small hotel. Put a nice tray in there, and add a few essentials that they may need. Think shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, tooth brush, etc. But also think through the essentials of modern life. Offer them easy access to the wi-fi password (maybe frame the details and put in a frame), and an extra smart phone charger or battery pack. These are the little touches that can make a huge difference.

How do you make your guests feel at home during their stay? Share any great tips with us in the comments, please! We’ve got a few more weeks to plan!


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