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Hillsdale On Trend: 90s Throwback

Posted: May 21, 2019 at 6:50 pm


The Style Defined

Generation X. The Internet. Tickle Me Elmo. Slap Bracelets. Palm Pilots. The 90s saw some of the greatest inventions and trends of our time… and some of the worst. (We’re looking at you, sweater vests). However, as 30-somethings begin making the transition to home-ownership, some good ol’ 90s nostalgia has come along for the ride to the crib.

Get the 411 on these don’t-call-it-a-come-back 90s trends that are resurfacing and have your say of “yay” or “nay” in the comments.

So Many Colors

Friends purple, hunter green, and primary colors comprise a large part of the 90s interior design palette. And it’s straight wicked, homeslice.

All Of The Patterns At Once

When it comes to patterns, 90s Throwback style is all that and a bag of chips. The more patterns in one room, the better. That’s especially true for stripes.

Textured Paint and Murals

Grab the sponges and the stencils, it’s time to get creative with the paint job. Creating faux marble effects and painting homespun murals is all the rage in Throwback 90s décor.

Wicker, Rattan, and Boho Curtains

When you’re chillin’ with your homies, walk through the beaded curtain to the sunroom and pull up a wicker rocking chair in true Throwback 90s fashion.

90s Urban

As with every era, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to design. The 90s also saw its own interpretation of posh, uptown design. Think organic shapes, high contrast colors, and oversized-yet-sleek proportions.

90s Minimalism

In this time of excess patterns and bold colors, minimalism also found a foothold. Throwback 90s minimalism can maybe best be described as Frasier Crane chic.

90s Throwback Furniture

If you want to be hip, with it, and watch MTV, scope our curated lineup of furnishings that can help you complete your rad Throwback 90s look.

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