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Hillsdale On Trend: Appalachian Craftsman

Posted: September 25, 2018 at 4:13 pm


The Style Defined

Quintessentially American, Appalachian Craftsman décor is a reflection of rugged individualism. This design style is a melting pot of the Mission, Shaker and Amish periods. The core tenet of Appalachian Craftsman style is simplicity. Straight lines, flat panel squares and balanced proportions are prominently featured to achieve a quaint aesthetic with unpretentious dignity.

Appalachian Craftsman style has its roots in the Arts and Crafts movement. It was a direct reaction to the excess of the Victorian Era and the mass production brought about by the Industrial Revolution. This return to practicality and integrity gave rise to a trend that celebrates durable quality and enduring style.

Why its Trending

Though it had its heyday in the early 20th century, Appalachian Craftsman style is making a resurgence. As modern sensibilities shift again to value function over form, this approach to design delivers timeless pragmatism and crisp, clean looks.


Simple though it may be, Appalachian Craftsman furniture has a sophisticated presence. Natural wood grains, aged patinas and exposed joinery are used to showcase attention to detail and add visual interest.

Simple Design

Straight lines are the hallmark of Appalachian Craftsman style. You’ll find very few curves, no ornate carvings and only the most minimal embellishments. Appalachian Craftsman furniture is substantial and well-proportioned, with ample use of parallel slats (also called stiles) and block feet. It’s usually finished with a medium to dark stain that preserves the natural grain of the wood.

Quality Construction

At the corner of beauty and strength, you’ll find Appalachian Craftsman furniture. Pieces in this style often use exposed mortise-and-tenon joinery, which is both incredibly sturdy and attractive. Durable dovetail joinery is a go-to for drawer construction. Typically made from oak or pine, Appalachian Craftsman furniture may also include veneers and protective wax coatings to keep furniture protected while it develops a rich patina that only comes with age.




Emerson Occasional Tables

Rustic meets industrial in the Emerson collection. A manufactured live edge made from Natural Sheesham wood combines with Metallic Gray steel to form a striking juxtaposition of the old and the new.


 Matson Bed

A simplified and modernized version of the ever-popular wood-and-metal mixed media bed. Minimal Black metal scrollwork and square Cherry wood post caps downplay this bed’s traditional styling in a refreshing and contemporary way


Signature Oak Basket Stand

Practical, simple and sensible. This straight-forward, substantial basket stand features three basket cubbies and one drawer with a simple brass handle.


Sunhill Oak Stool

Oversized X-cross backrest and classic Oak finish have undeniable Appalachian Craftsman style and paramount comfort, thanks to this stool’s perfectly placed footrest and 360° swivel functionality.


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