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Hillsdale On Trend: Autumn Farmhouse

Posted: September 11, 2018 at 10:32 pm


The Style Defined

In a nutshell, Autumn Farmhouse décor is a modern twist on heritage design with a humble and welcoming vibe. This modern-infused farmhouse style draws its inspiration from mid-19th century rural America, but tempers that rustic aesthetic with well-coordinated modern components to create a streamlined county cottage chic look. Polished, cheerful and modern, Autumn Farmhouse concepts employ clean lines, rustic textures, soft seating, raw materials and industrial lighting to evoke a warm, hospitable aura with minimalist sensibilities. And of course, there’s plenty of ship lap; those rough-hewn planks and exposed wood knots are unmistakably modern Autumn Farmhouse. This décor style lets you find beauty in imperfection and balances the pastoral with the refined to achieve low-key luxury. 

Why its Trending

In the design world, overall, there has been a trend toward a return to traditionalism; perhaps because, in these complex times, some yearn for simpler days. Perhaps popularity of the modern-meets-rural style is spurred by a rising enthusiasm for all things organic and farm fresh. Or maybe, it’s simply because Autumn Farmhouse design is easy-to-love and easy to attain.


Furniture in the Autumn Farmhouse style highlights rough-hewn planks (known as ship lap), exposed wood grains and knots, and natural, neutral tones with soft pops of color. Interesting textiles – like burlap and linen – often come into play. Autumn Farmhouse furniture should be practical, unpretentious and relaxed. 

 Thanks to its surging popularity, Autumn Farmhouse furniture is easy to come by. Here are a few quintessential Autumn Farmhouse pieces to help you bring the look to life: 

Pine Island Dining Set:

Large family-style farm table and Shaker-style chairs personify Autumn Farmhouse 


Tilman Stool 

Fresh white combined with well-coordinated modern components to create a streamlined county cottage chic look


Jocelyn Bed 

Whimsical iron beds blend the rustic with the industrial 



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