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Hillsdale On Trend: Coastal Vista

Posted: June 5, 2018 at 3:59 pm



Coastal-inspired design takes its cues and hues from the sand, sea and sky to bring shoreline style inland.  


The Style Defined

Coastal Vista interior design blurs the line between indoors and outdoors. It embraces the beauty of natural light through the use of sun-bleached whites, washed-out pastels, pale neutrals and natural materials. While coastal décor can vary from the Tropics to the Mediterranean and from Hawaii to New England, Coastal Vista style is more in line with the Cottage and Contemporary offshoots of American Coastal design. This beachy style is crisp, clean, light and breezy, so you can experience the soothing shades of summer all year ‘round. Just be careful to keep this style carefree and not kitschy – you don’t need to scour the seaside and show off every shell you find. 


Why its Trending

Who doesn’t love the beach? If the seaside is your happy place, Coastal Vista décor lets you make any house a beach house. Our homes are our (sand) castles, and we want to feel relaxed within our own walls. Maybe that’s why Coastal Vista style is catching on across the country. Whether you’ve got an oceanfront property or are hundreds of miles from the shore, you can have a little piece of the beach that’s all for you. 



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When it comes to furniture, coastal means casual. Forgo formal furnishings and instead opt for simpler pieces that boast the coastal color palette and emphasize distressed woods. You’ll also want to be sure to incorporate lots of whites. White spreads light, instead of absorbing it, which helps to bring the beachside ambiance to life. Remember, Coastal Vista relies on natural light; if oversized windows, sunrooms and glass sliding doors aren’t in your floor plan, you’ll need to emulate the sun’s illumination with wall scones and floor lamps. White furniture will go a long way to help you achieve the illusion.  


Finding furniture that features sweeping lines, nautical influences and soft edges is key. Look for design elements that are reminiscent of ship boards, pier planks and shutters, as well as the undulating crest and fall of ocean waves. And don’t pass on the plush! Pillows and padded furniture go beyond the aesthetic of a summer vacation and make the feeling of tranquility a tangible reality. 


Ready to turn your home into a seaside destination? Hillsdale Furniture has the shore thing. 



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