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Hillsdale On Trend: Grand Ol’ South

Posted: January 29, 2019 at 9:40 pm

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The Style Defined

By nature, Southerners are storytellers. That extends into their homes. A true Southern home will reflect not only the stylistic choices of its inhabitants, but also their history and character.

As with all good stories, homes in this style grab your attention from the get-go and then don’t let go. They typically feature a grand entranceway with brightly colored or oversized doors and a welcoming parlor or hall. Grand Ol’ South interior design also emphasizes a mix of the old and the new, incorporating plenty of opportunities to display and showcase collections and curios. Many Grand Ol’ South spaces embrace a unique focal point—be it furniture or art—that anchors the room in sentiment and aesthetic.

A key component of Grand Ol’ South design is in achieving a natural flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Antebellum homes were crafted with the climate and culture in mind; their sprawling front porches should not be forgotten. Soft, preferably natural, lighting and an ample use of house plants helps marry the great outside to the Grand Ol’ South within.

Grand Ol’ South décor doesn’t shy away from the use of bold colors, either. Rich patterns, deep hues, and high-contrast color palettes help create a sense of depth that can make a room feel larger than it is. A judicious use of refined details—such as wood molding, paneled walls, and inlay wood floors—puts the finishing touch on any Grand Ol’ South room.

Why its Trending

The dignified charm of cities like Charleston and Savannah are oft-romanticized and evocative of a simpler time with a slower pace. Grand Ol’ South décor captures that feeling and transports it anywhere. This style’s splendor, attention to detail, and reverence of personal history appeal to those who envision their home as an open and welcoming place for friends and family.

Grand ol South

Grand Ol’ South furniture, is, well, grand. It has presence and gravitas. The pieces are usually oversized and overstated in a graceful way; a paradoxical combination of opulence and restraint. Detailed wood work, wrought iron, sumptuous fabrics and natural textures are common themes throughout Grand Ol’ South furnishings.


Huntley Bed

Sleep deeply in the Deep South. The Huntley Bed features dual-tone metal work with elaborate adornments.


Rockport Dining

Get to the table, y’all. The Rockport Dining Collection is the embodiment of Antebellum style tempered by modern sensibilities.

Tillman Stool

Every Grand Ol’ South home needs a place to sit and stay awhile. Traditional reeding, panel legs, and stately nail head trim give the Tillman Stool its timeless charm.

TuscanRetreat Island

Southern life revolves around the kitchen, and the Tuscan Retreat Kitchen Island brings your kitchen to life


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