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Hillsdale on Trend: Haute Gothic

Posted: October 23, 2018 at 9:05 pm


The Style Defined

Be honest. When you heard “gothic” you thought “creepy,” didn’t you? But, Haute Gothic is less haunted house, and more enchanted mansion. Within this style, you’ll find ample use of iron and metalwork, dramatic lighting, elegant patterns, supple fabrics, interesting textures, bold colors and stark contrasts. This trend brings all the ornate trimmings of the Victorian Era to modern silhouettes, marrying the past with the present to create a lasting look that’s future-proof.

Why its Trending

Why be practical when you can be fantastical? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to design, but there is a certain romanticism and preternatural attraction to the Haute Gothic style. Haute Gothic interior décor appeals to those with a flair for the dramatic and the daring to think big..


Show-stopping and attention-grabbing, Haute Gothic furniture has undeniable presence. Hallmarks of this style include intricate scrollwork, elaborate casting details, and ample embellishments. Pieces in the Haute Gothic look are often striking in stature and use deep blacks, neutral grays and stark whites to create contrast with the bold color palette that’s often found in this style.


Mercer Bed

Inspired by the wrought iron fences of the French Quarter, the Mercer Bed brings otherworldly charm into your home. Ornate metal scrolls extend outward from the cartouche, which features a shield crest bas relief embossing. View this bed ->


Jennings Wine Cabinet

Distressed wood, aged metal and nail head trim combine to create a handsome and practical piece in the Jennings Wine Cabinet. View the Jennings Wine Cabinet ->



Van Draus Stool

Rich, classic black color palette and graceful interlocking back inlay puts the Van Draus Stool firmly in the realm of Haute Gothic. Plus, it’s 360° swivel functionality and perfectly placed footrest ensure everlasting comfort. View the Van Draus Stool ->

4 Van Drauss 2-LZ


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