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Hillsdale On Trend: Metal-Luxe

Posted: December 19, 2018 at 3:01 am


The Style Defined

Think of it as “industrial glam.” Metalluxe style combines raw materials with a refined aesthetic. While industrial design typically features metal components, Metalluxe style takes it to the next level. This interior design concept forgoes the weathered, distressed, and aged metal and instead incorporates bright and shiny metallics in a sweeping array of shades from golden-bronze to chrome. The overall effect creates a unique, eclectic, and rustic-meets-upscale look that’s decidedly modern.

Why its Trending

Metalluxe brings the best of both worlds to the indecisive decorator. The open floor plans and ample natural light of modern lofts and condos pair splendidly with high-gloss metals, allowing those accent pieces and décor accessories to truly shine. It’s a wonderful compromise aesthetic that appeals to the rural folks and city slickers among us. After all, opposites really do attract!

MetalLuxe-Title-1 copy

Reflective finishes, glimmering accents, and interesting mixed media pairings. Metalluxe furniture has an element of muted vibrancy. Take a look at some of our offerings and see what we mean.


Chelsea Bed



This bed features a gleaming Classic Brass finish, round finials, and detailed castings. The spindle design utilizes negative space, giving this bed the appearance of extra width.


Dillon Bench


Sophisticated upholstery and pipe metal base form a striking marriage of disparate styles that’s ideal for Metalluxe décor.

Adams Dining


Woods, metals, and supple faux suedes grace the Adams Dining Collection.


Bridgewater Adjustable Stool


A stunning Copper metal finish and unexpected arched design give this adjustable stool all the presence and prestige of Metalluxe style.


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