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Hillsdale on Trend: Troubadour

Posted: June 18, 2019 at 7:30 pm

TroubadourThe Style Defined 

Troubadour style can be described as bohemian with a musical flair.   This style holds true to repurposing flea market finds with the addition of fringes, bright patterns, and a touch of musical influence.  Do-it-yourself furniture projects, one of a kind finds, and making something out of nothing are the center point of this style. 


Why It’s Trending 

Unrivaled.  Unparalleled.  Unpredictable.   The Troubadour style adds personality and a uniqueness to any room.  This is a far step away from the crisp whites of a modern trend and dives deep into the soul of the house.   A mix of eclectic and whimsical, this style allows you to be the creator and designer of all those found treasures deep in antique shops and flea markets.   

Some of our unique favs that unexpectedly pair up with this mix of eclectic and whimsical style.

Delray Bed
Delray_Bed In One_3qtrAngle_WO

Tuscan Blanket Bench


Fiddler White Stool


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