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How To Use Floral Print In Modern Décor

Posted: April 30, 2019 at 6:11 pm

Accent Wall 1

When most people think of floral print, their minds immediately go to granny’s living room and crochet doilies. But that doesn’t have to be the case. With spring in the air, we’re here to tell you that floral prints can bloom eternal in your home. Read on to discover how to use floral prints in modern décor. We think you’ll be surprised at how versatile florals can be.

Go Big and Bold

Oversized floral prints take the look from demure and feminine to modern and masculine. There’s no way to go too big with this approach. Macro floral print can be a stunning addition to your décor. Try using this pattern on an accent wall or drapes to make a statement.


Keep your use of florals minimal but memorable by displaying them in places of prominence. A large wall hanging over the fireplace or an oversized floral print rug should do the trick. Find an area in your room that natural draws the eye and use that as a starting point for accentuating.


Plant seeds of floral flair throughout your home with décor accessories. A well-placed pillow, a floral print vase, a basket stand with flower-emblazoned storage cubes. The possibilities are nearly endless. Just try not to get too overzealous with your interior garden.

Be Realistic

Take the print off the page. Using real flowers in your décor brings the floral print trend to life. From extra-large bouquets to simple single stems, from petite potted plants to flowering bonsai trees, floral arrangements can make a big impact in your home.

Think Abstract

Get loose with your interpretation of “floral.” Floral prints don’t have to be photorealistic. Maybe you trend toward impressionistic renderings or a geometric reimaging. Experiment with different styles of floral print to find the one that fits you.

Let Inspiration Bloom

Want more ideas? Check out our Pinterest!

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