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It’s Patio Season!

Posted: May 23, 2018 at 5:41 pm

Though we may have mixed emotions about the rising temperatures and humidity that seem to arrive earlier and earlier each year, we do still have a strong attachment to the beginning of patio season every year. Long evenings spent grilling out and sipping cool cocktails outside until the sun goes down is a general delight following an interminable winter, and we’re more than ready to host a Memorial Day Weekend gathering to celebrate the occasion.

For us, the trick with patio gatherings is always seating. We have a small table and chairs out there, but it’s rarely enough. Dragging our hodge-podge variety of folding chairs in and out gets annoying, not to mention the eye-sore hurts our perfectionist hostess souls. This year, we are considering investing in a stash of Hillsdale Furniture’s indoor-outdoor bar stools to solve this conundrum. These at once beautiful and hearty stools boast heavy-duty steel frames, rich finishes for extra durability and protection against harsh UV rays, weather resistant performance fabric, and reticulated quick dry foam cushioning. They can hang out all season on the patio, and come inside to your sun porch or kitchen once the weather turns.

These are the three we’re considering, along with some accompanying party details we’re adding to each of their respective mood boards.

The Bishop Backless Stool


The Bishop Stool

The Bishop Stool

Timeless and simple, the Bishop Backless Indoor/Outdoor Stool extends traditional style and comfort to your kitchen or patio for indoor or outdoor entertaining. Boasting a beautifully rich Champagne powder coated finish for extra durability and protection against harsh UV rays, a 360-degree swivel mechanism, weather resistant Sunbrella Canvas Black fabric, and a reticulated quick dry foam seat, this one feels especially great for casual evening firefly catching and hamburgers. It has that naturally rustic feel that will feel right at home outside near the lawn. It’s available in bar and counter heights.

Preferred menu would be these sliders, this virgin cocktail the whole family can enjoy, and this a fun round of ladder golf!

The Delk Stool

The Delk Stool

The Delk Stool

Stately and distinguished, featuring an interlocking scroll back with an embossed panel, the dignified Delk Indoor/Outdoor Stool would definitely kick our party style up a notch. Boasting a lovely Golden Bronze powder coated finish, a 360-degree swivel stool, and weather resistant Mushroom-hued fabric for the quick-dry foam seat, we like these for those long, languid evenings on the porch, preferably sans children for that rare night-off we can really kick back and enjoy. This one is also available in bar and counter heights.

This party would include these Sweet Cola Ribs, this Sangria Lemonade cocktail, and a round of bocce ball.

The Milestone Stool

Milestone Swivel Stool_OutdoorLifestyle

The Milestone Stool

The Milestone Stool

Featuring a simple double “X” back design with a weather resistant mosaic tile panel, the Milestone Indoor/Outdoor Stool is all about the details. It has a sophisticated Aged Pewter powder coated finish, and a 360-degree swivel seat with a Silver fabric-covered quick dry foam seat. This one feels like a hybrid between the super casual and the highly stylized, with its simple design but cool mosaic detailing. We think it’d be fun for an outdoor movie night if you can make it happen technologically (and really, these days, all you really need is a wifi connection and a laptop). The Milestone is also available in both bar and counter heights.

This party would include this brown butter kettle corn (obviously), an assortment of your favorite IPAs and chilled white wines in a giant ice bucket for easy grab and go, and a family film that will suit a crowd, like The Princess Bride or The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Pajamas strongly encouraged.

Happy Patio Season!

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