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Poolside Vibes

Posted: June 22, 2018 at 4:47 pm

Yesterday was the longest day of the year, and that means we’ve officially reached peak pool season. What better way to celebrate the perpetual scent of sunscreen on our skin and fresh set of tan lines than by ogling some amazing pools and their set-up’s? We’re allowed to dream about having our own private, idyllic poolside getaway just steps from our kitchens and bedrooms…

How cool is this modernist dream of a pool set-up? The pool seems so delicate and quiet in the shadow of this glass-fronted pool house and shaded table area. The wood paneling adds a natural air to the roofed, open air veranda, softening the entire scene. We imagine long, quiet lazy days here and pleasant evenings dining al fresco with friends. We’re also loving the very chic, manicured, flowering bushes flanking the lounge chairs. No detail has been left to change here.

Where the above example is chic and mod, this pool house appears straight out of a fairy tale. Check out that elaborate archway, elegant stonework and exterior fire place? This set-up strikes us as one that would be particularly fun for parents to visit. There’s a bar for the adults to enjoy, and the design will no doubt lend itself well to the imaginations of playful children. With its wooded setting, there’s no doubt plenty of inspiration for adventures.

This tiny pool house in the middle of a rainy forest is giving us similar vibes, though it seems even more secluded and amazing. Look at that covered lounge area! The delicately illuminated pool house! The pool appears to be constructed out of granite and it all just seems so spa-like to us. When can we check-in?

Obviously, we’d gladly check in here too. This little pool house has a very elegant, classic and sophisticated atmosphere. The white paint, large planters, tile patio and all that shade would make us want to break out the good bathing suit, fancy shades and a gripping mystery book. We’d while away a few hours here, no problem.

Last, but certainly not least, we have the indoor/outdoor fabulous of this¬†contemporary¬†arrangement, with lots of roofed veranda space, actual peninsulas manicured to look like islands, and all the sun and palm trees you could possibly want. This is a house, though we wouldn’t fault anyone for thinking it’s a resort. Simply gorgeous and the design is so well-conceived.

We hope you’re getting out and enjoying some pool time this summer, and if you are lucky enough to be lounging in the sun somewhere as fabulous as these places, do send us postcards. Happy Summer!


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