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Red, White and True

Posted: June 28, 2018 at 6:51 pm

We’ve purchased the fireworks, and this weekend we’ll be picking up the hot dogs, hamburgers and watermelon. Fourth of July parties are pretty simple at our place, which kind of makes them our favorite. We plan on spending the holiday grilling out, drinking cold drinks, and lighting up the skies after dark, just like every other house on our block. What we don’t typically do is much in the way of decorations, and while we don’t see that changing much this year, we still like to take the opportunity to fully appreciate our patriotic color scheme, and in particular, how others have incorporated it into their full-time home decor. Here are a few of our latest favorites.

We love this sophisticated take on the red, white and blue color scheme that’s also artfully mixing it up with patterns at the same time. The white sofa is always going to be a bold choice, but we love the idea of pairing it with navy blue patterned throw pillows, red leather chairs, a navy area rug and contrasting blue walls. While it’s easy to tip these very preppy hues toward a nautical theme, they did it hear in a way that doesn’t feel kitschy or overwhelming. The anchor magazine rack is a clever touch and it surely makes for a great conversation piece.

The blue walls and white window frames are really lovely in this living room, but it’s those red, expressively patterned arm chairs that really steal the show. Oh, and that glossy-hued mixed of side tables, that melange of creative throw pillows and blankets, and definitely that black and white area rug. Did we mention that orange couch that we would have never thought to throw in here but somehow, it totally works?

We love the above example because it feels very fresh and contemporary. We love the next example because it feels so delightfully vintage and chic. That white kitchen island is at the center of all of our home dreams, and those fire engine red rectangular counter stools are such a fun pop of color next to it. We love the sky blue side board and red entryway, and obviously, any excuse to keep our own large, cherry-hued dutch oven out on display, and not stuck in a cabinet, is a good one.

Sometimes, the nautical theme isn’t subtle at all. And that’s okay. Especially if it’s a beach house. Our closet is filled to the absolute brim with stripes. It’s actually getting to be such a problem, that we should probably consider taking this obsession somewhere else, like¬† our home design. The chair upholstery, the area rug, the sofa upholstery are all boasting some serious stripes, all in different red, white and blue hues. We love it, almost as much as we want that coral-inspired, red pillow.

Sometimes the simplest design is the best one, and this is a great example of simplicity at work. The lovely four poster bed is a fantastic framing device for the blue wall,  white bedding and red throw pillows. It would no doubt make a lovely place to sleep off a long night of fireworks, and if we could wake up every day to those pale tulips, that would be amazing. Please and thank you.

Hillsdale Furniture is wishing all of our friends a very festive Fourth of July holiday next week!

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