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Resolution Redux

Posted: December 26, 2018 at 8:14 pm

We’re still working on cleaning up the crushed up boxes and wrapping paper, and polishing off the quickly dwindling cookie tins, but still, we can’t deny that merriest of seasons is just about behind us, and it’s time look forward to the crisp, clean pages of a fresh calendar. It’s resolution season, friends. Every year, we like to think about resolutions not only for ourselves, but for our homes. Some of these get repeated in varying ways, some are fresh, but either way, we like to have some goals set for our home, if for no other reason than to motivate our packing up and away with the holiday decorations.

Here’s what we’re thinking about for 2019.

Practice the (seasonal) purge.

We are setting the intention of doing a true, quarterly purge of unnecessary clothing, linens, toys, books, etc. If it isn’t being used, and doesn’t have significant sentimental value, it needs to go. We need more room to breath, and we suspect the freeing up of space will free us from a lot of unnecessary stress as well. This isn’t a new goal. We tend to go through this process at least on an annual basis already, but we want it to become a habit with the changing of seasons. We’ll donate what we can, sell what may still have value, and trash the rest.

Routine the clean.

Similarly, while we’re developing good habits, we want to master a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedule for our home. These don’t have to be scary or intimidating. No one we know has an hour or more to clean on a daily basis, but simple, 5-minute daily routines can do a world of good when looked at in the long-term. A half-day each month for some deeper cleaning activities can have a similar affect. We dug into the specifics of this topic a bit earlier this year. Check out those blogs here, here and here.

Keep things fresh. 

This one is maybe a bit less practical in nature, but it always brings us joy to have house plants and flowers around the house, but we’ve neglected this practice the past few years. We’re looking at adding some houseplants, and also considering adding a bundle of fresh flowers–whatever’s in season–to our weekly grocery store runs. If our homes feel fresh, we are always more inclined to keep it clean and orderly. On a related side note, we also want to plant a tree or two in our front or back yards this year.

Trim your bills. 

Spend some time in late December and early January really looking at all of your regular home expenses, from electricity and gas to internet and TV. Consider potential savings. Could you combine TV and internet to save money? Can you save electricity by adding LED light bulbs or air drying more of your clothing? These are the kinds of changes that might not equal huge savings at the outset, but again, small changes compound over time, and come this time next year, you may have saved enough to cover your holiday shopping expenses, making now the perfect time to invest some mental energy into this process.

Try something new. 

We’re not going to make any specific recommendations here, because everyone’s comfort zone is different. Some of us already prefer bold colors on our walls, some of us are all about the neutrals. But try something around your home that makes you a little nervous. It might be starting a vegetable garden. It may be a brightly patterned wallpaper. It may even be hiring a decorator for the first time. Whatever it is, make 2019 the year you get out of your comfort zone, just a bit. For ourselves, we are actually thinking about wallpaper (though we may start in the powder room).

Have other ideas for some great New Year’s Resolutions for the home? Share with us in the comments!

Happy Resolution Season, friends! Cheers to 2019!

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