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Statement Walls

Posted: October 23, 2019 at 12:04 am

While it seemed to fall out of fashion for a moment several years ago, wallpaper has become a statement-making marker of sophisticated modern design. It comes in bright hues in cool, contemporary patterns, and honestly, has become one of our favorite things to look for design magazines. We like to dream about trying out a true statement wall in our home while flipping through the pages. These are just a few examples of what we’re talking about.

Lulu & George via Elle Decor

Lulu & Georgia via Elle Decor

So we love this foyer and stairway just generally speaking (how about those woven cacti?), but the dreamy walls of bright green and orange branches are knocking our socks off. It feels warm, inviting and just like a vacation. Only with this wallpaper, the vacation can last all year.

We’ve discussed our love of maps on the blog before, and there’s really no better way to show map devotion than by turning an entire wall into one. This wallpaper from Rebel Walls does the trick without being kitschy or too classroomy. This would work in an office, library, or even a bedroom. The possibilities are endless, much like our lists of places to travel.

Now this, this makes a statement. The cobalt hue dotted with those big cats is the kind of wallpaper that becomes a topic of conversation at your next cocktail party. We love it, and we immediately want to put it in our powder room. We also kind of want this pattern on a pair of pants.

Speaking of animals, we’re kind of dying over this dressed-up dog wallpaper from Anthropologie. That bulldog with the top hat? That golden retriever in a tie?! Those subtle hits of color. Come on. We want it all. Immediately. We’d probably lose time staring at the walls though, and that may not be a good thing.

This moody botanical from Graham & Brown would be perfect in our guest room. That lovely leaf motif is made of metallics and has a subtle style and loveliness we adore. It’d also be great in a living room.

Anyway, you’ll find us window shopping for wallpaper and watching DIY videos for how to hang it for the duration of the next few days. Wish us luck.

Do you use wallpaper in your home? What kinds of patterns do you prefer?

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