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Stunner Stairs

Posted: March 8, 2017 at 8:00 pm

Last week’s blog about bookcases introduced us to a staircase that is actually made of books. It was our favorite find, and it got us thinking – what other amazing staircases are out there? We have seen some pretty grand examples, but we had an inkling some people have done some truly modern and cool things with this pretty utilitarian design need, and we were right.

Naturally, we love this. Again, the marriage of our literary love with design. Book spine staircases are popping up all over the place, and it’d actually be a neat DIY project to take on for your own home. You could tailor it to your own library preferences, or simply order the vinyl stickers seen in the above photograph.

This cool staircase, no surprise, is in a book shop! A book shop we’d really, really love to check out. Glossy red and uniquely structured, we’d purchase a whole lot of books to visit Lello in Portugal.

The floating stair concept would likely bring on some vertigo were we to ever personally encounter it, but from afar, we’re really impressed with what Italian architect Guido Ciompi has created at the Gray Hotel in Milan.

The Tulip Stairs, located in Greenwich, England at The Queen’s House, are straight out of a fairy tale. They were the first centrally unsupported, helical stairs constructed in England.

Located in San Francisco, these colorful, mosaic stairs have us dying to get up close and see the detail. We’d definitely be amenable to running these stairs for exercise on a sunny day.

Know of any other cool staircases we should check out? Have you done anything especially cool with your own staircases? Send us pictures!

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