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The Easiest Halloween Ever

Posted: October 17, 2018 at 3:25 pm

As scary as it is, Halloween is next week. Which basically means we’ll all be holiday shopping next week too, and that’s just truly terrifying. It is however, our favorite time of year. And we want to celebrate. We just didn’t quite get around to prepping this year the way we would like. Oh sure, we have our pumpkins, and of course we already bought (and consumed) plenty of candy for the trick-or-treaters. But are real cobwebs subbing in for the fake ones this year? Maybe.

We do have a few days left to get our acts (and costumes) together though. So we thought we’d do a little research and find some of the easiest, breeziest Halloween ideas we could find. And then share them with the other slackers out there.

The Easiest Costumes

The Breadwinner. Blue shirt. Some medals. A few loaves of bread. An American hero costume few will be expecting, but it’s sure to get a laugh.

Harry Potter. A red and yellow scarf. Some round glasses. An eyeliner lightning bolt on the forehead. Maybe find a kitchen utensil you can use as a wand. Magically done in a flash.

Fifty Shades of Gray. Want to be extra cheeky this year? Grab one of those paint color palettes. Pull out all the grays. Stick them to your clothing, which will ideally be in, you guessed it, shades of gray.

The Easiest Decorations

The Candy Corn Garland. This may seem a bit counterintuitive, as stringing this much candy corn may take some time. However, it’s mindless work you can do while watching Hocus Pocus for the 89th time, and bonus, you get to eat candy corn while you do it. (Or whatever your preferred Halloween candy is.) Directions here. If you like decorating with candy corn, you can also take it a step further and fill up some glass candle holders with some. See here.

Halloween Door Hanger. Planning to be out and about on the spooky streets on Halloween, without having someone at home to man the candy bowl? A touch of creativity can a long way, especially with this fun DIY door hanger that actually holds the candy in a pumpkin. It has the added bonus of keeping the candy off the ground where the bugs and squirrels can get to it…Directions here.

Spooky Lanterns. Have a few of those old-fashioned lanterns around? Trick them out for the trick-or-treaters this year. Paint them black if they aren’t dark already. Add some plastic spiders and fake cobwebs. Maybe put a Halloween-themed bow on the whole thing as an extra touch. Directions here.

The Easiest Snacks.

Halloween-themed snacks and treats are really the best. Don’t skimp on them, but don’t think you need to spend a ton of time on them either.

Test tube dips. It’s amazing what a chemistry set can accomplish in the kitchen. Instead of your usual trays for chips and dips, move the hummus and French onion dip into beakers and flasks.

Candy kebabs. Oh yes, you can serve all manner of treats on a stick (though we think the gummy and marshmallow ones will work best for this.) They kind of double as a decoration too, which makes things even easier for Halloween.

Halloween bark. This is a recipe you can really repurpose for any holiday or theme. Start with the base and add whatever fun toppings you want. We do like the Halloween variety though. Recipe here.

Do you have any super easy tips or tricks for Halloween to share? Drop them in the comments! We’re trying to fill our arsenal with as many cool, easy ideas as we can.

Happy (Early) Halloween from all of your friends at Hillsdale Furniture!


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