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Tips for the Seasonal Closet Flip

Posted: September 19, 2019 at 12:13 am

Are you one of those people with closet space challenges? We definitely are. (And really, even if you are one of those blessed folks who aren’t, these tips are worth reading.) The seasonal closet flip has become one of our primary ways of coping with the organizational anxiety that hits us at least twice a year, when our dresses are falling off hangers, shoes are missing their partners, and we just generally cannot find anything to wear in the morning. It’s stressful. But a seasonal closet flip can alleviate the tension. It frees up space, and allows you to focus on the items that matter. Here’s how we go about it, usually every September and March.

Break out the coats, and get them clean, repaired and ready for the season. You probably don’t need much more than a jacket at this point in the year, if anything at all. But a cold snap is likely right around the corner. Bring out all of your coats and give them a status check. Are you missing a button? Is there a hot chocolate stain lingering? Pocket torn? Take those that need some TLC to the tailor or dry cleaner before it becomes inconvenient not to have them for a few days.

Pull out the strictly summer clothing. Spaghetti strap season is over, and maxi dress season is on its way out for us. Free up the space for all those heavy sweaters now, and use this as an opportunity to evaluate what you wore this summer, and what you didn’t. Donate those you didn’t. If you find items that probably won’t last another year, go ahead and toss them.

As you unpack or relocate your heavier sweaters, dresses and jackets, do the same thing. Evaluate what needs repairs, what needs cleaning, and what you probably won’t wear this fall & winter, for whatever reason. Make closet space decisions accordingly. If you aren’t going to wear it, it’s not worth the valuable closet space.

Use this as an opportunity to try a new organizational system. It’s easiest to go through this process when your closet has been emptied, so you can make a better plan of attack for how best to put everything away. By colors? Material? Occasion? Try something new and see how it works for you this season.

Stash warm weather clothes safely. It may seem counterintuitive, but just say no to packing away clothes in cardboard boxes or plastic dry-cleaner bags. When clothing is being put away for an extended period of time, it needs to breath. Opt for hanging garment bags of cotton and linen to avoid things like yellowing and mildew.

Clean your actual closet. If you are like us, your closet likely never gets a proper cleaning. It’s nearly impossible when it’s packed to the gills. Dust and wipe off all of the surfaces. Vacuum the floors. Make sure the space is generally clean and tidy before packing it with your fall and winter wear. You may not have another opportunity until spring cleaning rolls around.

Do you flip your closet seasonally? In truth, much of our wardrobe is pretty transitional, and we have lots of basics we wear year-round. But it helps so much when our garments aren’t squeezed together. There’s less wrinkling, and we can find the things we need, when we need them. A semi-annual closet flip has made all the difference.

Have closet organization tips to share? We’d love to hear them as we’re about to undergo this endeavor! Drop them in the comments, please.

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