6 Tips for Making Your Living Room Cozy This Winter

Although the cold, gray weather of the winter season can be tedious, you can counteract that blah feeling by creating a cozy sanctuary in your living room. Give yourself a warm place to unwind by watching your favorite movie, perusing a new book or simply enjoying the flickering, crackling flames of the fire.

1. Choose a Daybed for Your Living Room

The word cozy can be synonymous with comfort, and the first place to start when you want to be comfortable is with what you’re resting on. Picture this: as you’re sitting in your living room indulging in some me time, your eyelids start to feel heavy, and you think to yourself that a nap sounds like a great idea.

If you were on a couch, you might be hesitant to lie down for fear that the shallow seat depth would leave you little room to get comfortable. However, on a daybed, you would be free to lie down in whichever way you like for quality sleep. Having a nap-friendly space for when the mood strikes is the first key to a cozy space.

True to its name, our Tranquility daybed is the perfect place to wind down for a nap. 

2. Select Textured Furniture Pieces

If you take just one thing away from this blog post, let it be this: textured textiles are the main element of a cozy space. Period. That said, if you’d like your space to be perpetually cozy, select furniture with luxuriously soft upholstery, and you’re halfway there. Sumptuous fabrics to look out for include faux velvet, bouclé and faux shearling, among others.

Of course, by slipping into comfy loungewear or adding an irresistibly soft throw blanket to the mix, you will up the cozy factor. Using a patterned throw blanket will add even more visual warmth to the space.

Our Brook Hill accent chair is upholstered in an irresistible bouclé (but just between us, the bouclé isn’t the boucle you’re used to — think more fuzzy and less nubby).

3. Think Rounded Furniture for Wellness

Did you know that the appearance of soft lines immediately sets your eye at ease, starting you on the path toward relaxation? By incorporating rounded pieces in your home, you’ll be staying on top of trends while potentially giving your mental health a boost. Rounded shapes inherently have a more natural, organic look than their rigid counterparts, and their presence denotes comfort and safety.

Rounded couches and accent chairs wrap around you like a warm hug, while rounded coffee and side tables also have a place in this aesthetic. Even better, when you choose pieces that have a rounded silhouette and feature textured upholstery, you’ll be enjoying double the benefits.

The cozy advantages of our Boulder storage chair are twofold: the curvaceous design is low-key, while the cozy boucle is perfection.

4. Add a Coffee Table to Your Space

Sipping hot beverages in the wintertime to stay comfortable is by no means a new tip, but it’s tried and true for a reason! There’s nothing like cupping a toasty mug between your two hands and letting the steam tickle your face when the weather outside is frightful, not to mention the delightfully warming sensation of actually drinking it.

Having a coffee table at hand will ensure there’s a nearby surface on which to place your hot beverages at all times (just don’t forget the coasters!). You could use your table for its namesake if you’re a coffee lover, but it’s just as perfect for tea or hot chocolate.

As a bonus, our Lancaster coffee table boasts a lift-top design for added versatility.

5. Use Lighting and Side Tables to Set the Scene

You may have never considered the role that lighting plays in creating a cozy mood, but experts agree that the right lighting is essential for a welcoming ambiance. If your living room is lit by just one lonely ceiling fixture, chances are good that your space doesn’t have the cozy atmosphere you long for.

To put together an inviting space where you and your guests long to linger, you’ll want to incorporate a few different layers of lighting, and one of the easiest (and most cost-effective ways) to do this is by adding a lamp or two. Set a lamp on top of an end table and use a soft white 2700K bulb to cast a cozy glow.

Our Coover end table has a drawer to offer concealed storage for necessities (sleep mask, anyone?) and a shelf to stock your favorite books and magazines.

6. Recline to Your Heart’s Content

It doesn’t get more cozy than stretching out in a recliner. It’s hard to feel stressed when you have literally kicked up your feet and your whole body is being cradled by what is essentially a giant pillow. Lie back on a recliner and feel your heart rate slow.

Indulge your senses by placing your recliner close (while still maintaining a safe distance, of course) to a roaring fire, or snuggle up with a luxurious throw blanket for the full effect. Or better yet, do both!

With rich faux leather and a USB port, our Provenza recliner combines comfort and convenience beautifully.

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