Color Trends for Fall

Big changes are underway in the world of interior design, and experts attribute this to a collective desire for our surroundings to be an outlet for self-expression as well as a source of joy and inspiration.

That’s exactly what we wish for you and your home, so in hopes of getting you started on that path, we’ve gathered some trending shades for you to consider adding to your home. Many of these colors are adventurous and invigorating.  

Evergreen Green

People are looking to Mother Nature and her colors for rejuvenation, and one of nature’s most resplendent shades is green. This color surged in popularity in 2022, and it continues to enjoy a spot at the top of the trends list. Many even consider it to be a new neutral, meaning you could use it in place of white, gray or beige, and it pairs well with most other colors.

The green trend shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, and many in the industry say it will continue to be a favorite for years to come. However, the variations of the shade are changing. While sage has been enjoying a spot as the green of choice (and is projected to continue to be fashionable), darker greens (such as emerald) are now taking center stage. This preference for a more vibrant shade is indicative of our next trend. 

Our tufted vanity stool is a beautiful emerald green.

Jewel Tones and Dramatic Shades

People are feeling drawn to jewel tones and other moody, dark colors that feel bold and new. Black was lauded in 2022, and this year deep purple (think eggplant and plum), green and brown have presented themselves as exciting alternatives if the idea of going full black makes you nervous.

This set of two Breuer kitchen stools in burgundy is the perfect place to start when creating a moody vibe in your kitchen. 

Seeing Red

This year has been a great one for the color red. As mentioned above, saturated colors are heavily favored right now, and it doesn’t get much more saturated than red. This is an exciting and welcome departure from the safe, cool grays and whites which have dominated interiors in recent years, as it invites people to express themselves in their homes in a fresh way that invites delight.

Our Willow bed really pops against a red wall. 

Think Pink

Blush was a preferred pink last year, and most experts seem to agree that it’s now so ubiquitous as to be considered a neutral. This broad classification is projected to only encourage this color’s popularity to continue to grow. In addition to blush and other soft pinks, bright, saturated pinks such as magenta are also gaining ground.  

The Skylar platform bed exudes playfulness and fun in a vibrant pink.

Warm, Earthly Colors

As we mentioned in our Upcoming Design Trends for Fall 2023 post, earthy colors are leading the way in 2023. This includes the reds and greens we’ve already mentioned, as well as blues, oranges, organic yellows, terracottas and rich as well as light browns that are reminiscent of nature, as we continue to look to these colors for comfort and a sense of well-being.

The Spencer dining table, with its warm, dark espresso finish feels both comforting and familiar.

True Blue

From soft, powdery blue to vivid ultramarine, blue is a major player in this year’s color trends.

On the pale end of the spectrum, a pastel blue or even blue gray is reminiscent of the sky and can create a sense of calm and an easy atmosphere, while a saturated shade such as ultramarine is as energizing as a shot in the arm.

The teal upholstery of our Bullock stool has gray undertones that match this chair’s sleek, modern style.

Warm Neutrals

If you’re a fan of classic white, don’t panic. This perennial choice isn’t going anywhere. The biggest shift that’s taking place in the world of neutrals is that they’re getting a warm makeover. All your favorite neutrals are still being embraced, but rather than the cool undertones of the last several years, today’s neutrals have warm undertones.

Look for whites, beiges, tans, grays and greiges with warmth, and you’ll be good to go. Experts say the reason for this shift away from cool is that people are looking for coziness in their homes, making warm shades an obvious choice.

We love the warmth of our Lani upholstered headboard in cream, charmingly accented with nailhead trim.

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