Finding the Perfect Furniture Fit

Visualize what your new furniture piece will look like in your space.

Looking to get furniture into your home? Read our guide on measuring entryways to make your delivery as seamless as possible.

Taking Measurements of Your Room

To start, you'll want to measure the length and width of the room the furniture will be placed. Then measure the distance from the room’s entrance to the opposing wall. This measurement needs to be long enough for you to bring the furniture piece into the room.  

Be sure to note:

·         How far into the room any doors swing

·         How high and wide on the wall the furniture piece would go and compare that to doors, windows, a fireplace or other structural features so that your furniture doesn’t obscure them

·         How tall the ceiling is (if purchasing a tall piece)

Now, What Do I Do with Those Measurements?

As long as the measurements of your doorway or passageway are greater than those of your furniture piece, it will clear the passageway safely. 

If you’re pinched for time, you can check your space to see if you own any furniture with dimensions that closely resemble those of what you’re looking to buy. If the dimensions are almost identical, chances are good that you’ll be able to fit the new furniture piece inside as well. However, we still recommend taking the measurements as previously described for the most accurate result.

And Now for the Fun Part!

The last (and most satisfying) step is to use painter’s tape to mark the dimensions of the furniture piece on the floor and along the wall of your space. This will help you to really visualize the piece in that spot. Can you maneuver easily around it? Stand in front of the tape, walk around it, etc. Do you want to add end tables, a coffee table or any other accent pieces around the item, and if so, will they work in the available space?  Don’t worry about looking silly, just do whatever you need to in order to be sure it’s a good fit.

Now you’re ready to buy!

Extra Tips

·         Measure twice to double check your measurements.

·         Keep your measurements somewhere you can easily remember, which will save you time when you’re ready to buy your next piece of furniture.

·         Before bringing your boxed furniture inside, remove any barriers such as other pieces of furniture, rugs, etc. Also remove anything you wouldn’t want to damage, such as artwork or light fixtures. 

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