Upcoming Design Trends for Fall

While each season brings with it new interior design trends, what’s exciting and noteworthy about this latest iteration is that they’re just as much about how homeowners want to feel in their homes as keeping up with the current fashion. Based on these trends, it seems people want to feel relaxed and happy at home, which is a sentiment we fully support.

Rather than doing a complete overhaul of your home interiors to reflect these new looks, you can save your time, money and sanity by swapping out or adding in some furniture pieces. Changing up even just one piece can help to keep your aesthetics feeling fresh.

Table of Contents

1. Embracing Mother Nature

2. Earthy Color Palette

3. Coziness is Crucial

4. Curves Take the Edge Off

5. Show Off Your Joy

6. Artisanal Touches

7. Kitchens You Can Cook In

8. Art Deco is Back

Embracing Mother Nature

Embracing Mother Nature

One major trend is that people are wanting to capture some of the tranquility of the great outdoors in hopes of experiencing some of that serenity indoors. This is called biophilic design, and it’s everywhere. By creating a sense of cohesion between what’s happening outside and inside your walls, experts say, you’re recognizing and honoring the innate human draw toward nature that we all share. It’s also well documented that spending time outdoors can lower your heart rate and cortisol levels, so even if only a fraction of those same benefits translates into this design style, sign us up.

Using organic materials such as wood, cane, leather, stone and linen, among others, is at the forefront of this trend. Our interpretation of this trend is that pieces highlighting wood grain, especially those with additional natural details, earn bonus points.

This dining table is constructed from solid wood and boasts a beautiful wood grain as well as a manufactured live edge:

Earthy Color Palette

This theme builds upon the last, but people aren’t just looking to bring natural materials indoors, they’re also looking to use earthy colors. While white and gray have dominated interior color schemes for the last several years, rich reds, oranges, greens, pinks and browns are now taking over.

Coziness is Crucial

In addition to calming materials and colors, people are seeking out soft textures and shapes that are undeniably cozy. Many experts agree that this change can largely be attributed to the pandemic and its resulting lockdown and long-term, home-centric lifestyle. When people were forced to stay at home for an extended period, the natural outcome was that they wanted their homes to be as comfortable and soothing as possible. During this stressful time following the pandemic, people continue to seek well-being domestically. This means a premium is being placed on comfy fabrics and generously padded furniture. 

Curves Take the Edge Off

The desire to soften things continues in the new preference for furniture shapes, which is curvy all the way, and architecture, where arches prove that everything old is new again. This trend is also connected to people’s desire for comfort at home, as curves create a more welcoming and less formal atmosphere. 

Curved couches are particularly popular in embodying this trend, as are arched doorways on the architectural side. Scalloped motifs are also having a moment

Show Off Your Joy

Gone are the white and grey cookie-cutter interiors leaning toward minimalism. Designers are saying that people are ready to express their individual styles through their homes, curating the elements that speak to them and bring them joy. Incidentally, as the more-is-more maximalist style is also quite popular right now, those elements will often include bold colors and playful prints. 

These personalized spaces reject one-dimensionality in favor of depth and character. Distinctive pieces that make a statement and boost happiness are the name of the game. People are also dusting off their family heirlooms, which goes hand in hand with the current nostalgia trend of embracing the styles of the past to bring comfort to our homes in the present.

Artisanal Touches

Speaking of personalization, people are longing for housewares that have an artisanal look and tell a story. Objects with this aesthetic can feel more inviting. There is something about the polished-but-not-too-polished look that is easy to connect to. 

True craftsmanship can inspire and set a piece apart while also speaking to higher quality. This can be especially true of souvenirs collected from your travels.

Kitchens You Can Cook In

For years, people aspired to austere, all-white kitchen where the cabinets, walls and backsplash were white. The only color, if you could call it that, was the gray of the stainless steel appliances, and oftentimes, the result was a kitchen that you were too afraid to cook in. 

Many are now going to the opposite end of the spectrum for a dark and moody feel. Dark blue or green walls set the dramatic scene and cabinets can likewise be a bold color or a rich wood tone. People now want to create a warm and intimate atmosphere in the room where they gather with their loved ones. Statement stoneware countertops with deep contrast and slab backsplashes also add to the drama.

Art Deco is Back

Bring on the glam! We have saved the best for last. The bold look of Art Deco, which conjures images of the opulent Roaring ‘20s, is back in style. This look is big on jewel tones, ornate details and luxurious fabrics.

Geometric designs are also a mainstay of this style. Some common motifs include chevron patterns, sunburst shapes, triangular shapes, zigzag lines and skyscraper-like pointed lines.

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